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Universal Design Kitchen Remodel

It is a design focus that describes designing and building a home to accommodate its owner's physical needs for today and into the future. AK's designers are Certified Aging In Place Specialists (CAPS) which means they are professionally trained to design and build to the exacting standards that universal design concepts require.


   AK designed a kitchen for an adult with progressive mobility issues. The kitchen was designed specifically to enable her to have access to the areas that she wanted to utilize; all the areas that she had been frustrated that she couldn’t do things for herself or had to wait for her husband or son to address. No one wants to feel uncomfortable or incapable in their own home!


The Kitchen Before The Accessible Design Remodel

  Before the remodel, she would get items and wheel them over to her kitchen table (which is 29” tall) so that she could wheel under the table and have a comfortable height to work. In the new kitchen, the specially designed kitchen island is 29” tall with the extended counter area for her to comfortably work at. Also in the island is a specially located outlet for all the appliances she wanted to have access to. 



  AK designers looked carefully at all of the utensils, food items and dishes that the owner wanted to have access to and then carefully decided where they would best be located to facilitate her access. This process included measuring each and every item to ensure it could fit in a drawer or roll out accordingly.

  The owner was previously unable to use the sink and she wanted a deep bowl. AK customized the frame and put 270 degree hinges on the sink base cabinet so she could open the doors and wheel under and into the cabinet. She also could not use the microwave before, which was above the cook top. To solve that problem AK custom built a cabinet at 29” tall, with 2 roll outs underneath. AK added a stained top, and then a 2nd top that can be pulled out, allowing her to wheel under that top and access the microwave.

  Another previous issues was use of the cooktop, as the controls were on the side and it was a very serious burn hazard! The new cooktop cabinet is 29” tall with 270 degree hinges and custom built that allows her to slide underneath of it. The new cook top also has the controls in front eliminating the possibility of getting burned. The grates are one piece so pots and pans can easily slide instead of having to be lifted. AK also added a backsplash all around the cook top in case there are any spills. The vent hood AK installed has a remote button that allows her to use it from her chair.

  All the lighting is now LED and on dimmers that the owner can easily access all controls on her own. And finally all of the cabinets have special custom roll-outs so nothing is out of reach!

  If you or someone you know has any mobility issues and would be interested in learning what you can do to create a space that works for you, please contact AK's professionals here: 




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